Welcome to my private website.
I am a german half time developer who enjoys creating bots, websites and server systems. I'm mainly active on Discord and I also stream my gaming projects on twitch where everyone can join. I am a very open person who responds to all questions and messages so don't be afraid to contact me if you want to know something.

My activities


I love programming because I love to create new things and keep them running in addition I am constantly educating myself with it


I am the administrator of the servers on which the bots and websites run so I can specialize the servers exactly on their tasks


I am also responsible for the management of several teams, which I do as professionell as possible with my resources

My coding knowledge


Very good knowledge in Python mainly used for Discord bots and automations.


Basic knowledge in JavaScript mainly used for websites and small automations.


Good knowledge in Html often mixed with PHP because PHP is cool and useful. 


Good knowledge in MongoDB, Json and partly SQLite, mainly MongoDB is used.

My current projects


    Error44 Service

    With the Error44 Service is meant the system of all my projects it is the foundation for everything I do. The websites, bots, emails and game servers are managed by it.


    Sasaki Bot

    Sasaki is my public Discord bot it is an all round package to cover everything a server needs in the best possible way.


    Kawaii API

    The Kawaii API is a random image API for Discord bots with over 1k images and a dashboard with statistics as well as useful information.


    AnimeRose Discord

    The AnimeRose Discord server is a friendly german community, the goal of this server is to create a  in my opinion perfect discord server.

My image gallery

Watch Dogs 2
Sea of Thieves
Life Is Strange 2