Welcome to my private website.
I am the founder and developer of the Sasaki-Bot and many other Discord bots.
On this website you will find an overview of my projects and what I do for the Sasaki-Bot.
If you are interested in my person you can also find all my social media here.

My roles as the founder


I am responsible for the development and maintenance of the bot, the website, the api and the webhook system.


I am the administrator of the dedicated server on which the websites and bots are hosted.


I am also responsible for managing the bot lists where sasaki is on and the community of discord servers and users.

My coding knowledge


Very good knowledge in Python mainly used for Discord bots and automations.


Basic knowledge in JavaScript mainly used for websites and small automations.


Good knowledge in Html often mixed with PHP because PHP is cool and useful. 


Good knowledge in MongoDB, Json and partly SQLite, mainly MongoDB is used.

My current projects


Sasaki is an all-round Discord Bot that has a wide range of useful and funny commands. With our strong servers we can offer you a continuously stable running bot with a very fast response time. The bot is mostly known for its wide range of roleplay commands e.g. hug, kiss, lick, ... which are additionally managed via our own API with carefully selected images. This API as well as the bot are free for everyone to use and this will not change at some point.


On the website you can find current information and events so it is recommended to visit it often. You will also find a list of all commands with a description and how to use them. For people who are interested in the gifs used by the Sasaki it is recommended to have a look at the api. If you are interested in the service status check out the status page where you can find the current system status, the ping or the uptime of the last 90 days.

 The Sasaki World

We are passionate programmers, designers and we love Discord - that's why we program Discord Bots. The Sasaki World is our small community, with different people - whether gamer, programmer or just chatter, everyone is welcome. The Owner/Founder of The Sasaki World are ARealWant and Error44, both are responsible for the Management, for the Development, for the Community and for the Marketing.

My image gallery

Watch Dogs 2
Sea of Thieves
Life Is Strange 2