Welcome to my private website.

About Me

I am a german half time programmer who is mainly specialized in entertainment programs, systems and servers. So I am mainly active in the area of Discord bot programming, creation of websites and APIs which I host all on my own managed server. I also organize game server events for my own Discord server but also for other people and communities. I do all of this in my spare time and continue to learn as I go, so I change from project to project and don't really have a point where I say this is perfect and it stays that way. There is always something that can be done better and I try to pursue that as best as possible.

My Skills

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I develop everything I do on my own, without any help from external parties, which means that the codes I write are original and I have full rights to them. This can make a project take much longer but I know exactly what the code does and how it works.


With designs I rely to large parts on friends of me except it is about websites or bots there I contribute my ideas without interference of others. But even here I try to keep everything original and do as much as possible myself.


Also when hosting all my projects I do everything myself of course the server itself is in a data center to offer the best speed and stability. However, I manage this completely myself without a third party that can intervene or have any access.

My Projects

  • CloudCord Logo

    CloudCord Development

    A Place where innovative ideas find their path to the clouds through the power of code.

  • Kawaii API Logo

    Kawaii API

    The Kawaii API is a random image API for Discord bots with over 1k images and a dashboard with statistics as well as useful information.

  • Sasaki Bot Logo

    Sasaki Bot

    Sasaki is my public Discord bot it is an all round package to cover everything a server needs in the best possible way.

Thank You

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Donations help me to keep my projects online and not have to cover the complete costs alone. Of course these are completely voluntary, but it is a nice gesture.



Unfortunately, I do not offer any services, of course you can contact me and maybe a joint project arises. However, I do not accept orders for money.


Last Words

Thank you so much for all the support from all of you I could never have imagined back then that I could ever achieve so much. You guys are great and keep me going and improving.